Emi Onozuka

Eminent Group

Our purpose is to co-create with eminent group of people  toward a bright future.  Key words are "empowerment", "enhancement", "endorsement" with people who are experts in their fields and creation of value through integrated ideas in diverse and different fields is the form of issue resolution that is required now, and we will value the "en (meaning "relation" and/or "chance" in Japanese)" that realizes it.

Value co-creation with "en"

Provides all the experience

25 years for financial institutions, 20 years for institutional investors, 10 years for ESG experts, half a century of life

Integrate all these experiences

"Empowerment", "Enhancement", "Endorsement"

We will strive for value co-creation with the keywords

Corporate color "Magenta"

Derived from the Italian place name Magenta, it is said to be a color that symbolizes Nightingale and has the energy of charity like a goddess. Its bright reddish purple is one of the three primary colors, and it spreads when mixed with other colors. Also, since ancient times, it has been widely used in the art world as a color that expresses maturity and aesthetics, and is also widely used in the modern art scene.