Company CEO

Emi Onozuka

(short bio.)

Bloomberg TV on March 14, 2023

The the leader of ESG/Sustainable Finance that creates a bright future for society and investors

With 25 years of experience in global financial institutions and more than 20 years of experience as an institutional investor, her expertise in the area of sustainable finance (i.e. ESG, engagement and impact investment) middle office activities.

Got Certificate from Bloomberg as New Voices (left)

New Voices Conference, June 2023,  NYC (right)

[Job history]

1998-2000 JP Morgan

Engaged in middle office operations such as market risk management and derivative contract management

2000-2020 Goldman Sachs Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Her experience is in various areas of investment management business, and Head of Stewardship Responsibility Team from 2016 to 2000. ESG research and dialogue with investees were more than 200 companies a year. During her tenure, she launched the investors group "Japan Stewardship Initiative (JSI)" and worked with the Financial Services Agency, Keidanren, and the Japan Exchange Group to improve the attractiveness of the Japanese market. Founder of the JSI, first chairperson of the steering committee

2020-2022 Executive Vice President COO of Monex Group Japan Catalyst Inc. 

Overall management of the firm. In marketing, she lead the firm from Startup to asset under advisory to approximately JPY 20bil through mainly digital marketing to individual investors. She was in charge of ESG/stewardship. She was named as the leader for Monex Group, listed company in the prime market of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

2022-Current, President and CEO of Eminent Group

By putting all her experience so far, she supports institutional investors and companies with the keyword of sustainable finance. Member of the Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance of the Financial Services Agency. Member of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Non-Financial Information Disclosure Guidelines Study Group. Representative director of the Future Design Initiative by Science and Finance. She strives to realize a sustainable society by connecting with various people in the fields of finance, arts, and science.

[Educational background]

Master in Management of Technology (MOT), Tokyo University of Science Graduate School of Business (2022)

Comparative Culture, Sophia University (1998)

Loomis Chaffee, a US boarding school (Cum Laude) (1993)